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Car TPU Paint protect film models
Collection: Kunlin
Roll size: 1.52*18M 
Material: First class film and chemical materials 
Thickness: 6.5/7.5/8.5/9.5c or custom design
Durability: 8-10years
Freature: Super stretch / long time durability / high clear / self healing etc.
Temperature resistance:  -50°С to +130°С
Packing: each roll in PP bag/Carton
Carton Size: 1.52m*15cm*15cm
MOQ: 1 roll
Application: automotive, medical or relate high value field.
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Basic attributesTest MethodsSpecification StandardUnitT6.5CT7.5CT8.5CT9.5CB7.5C
ColorVisual inspectionColorless and transparent/Colorless and transparentColorless and transparentColorless and transparentColorless and transparentBlack transparent
Upper PET protective film thicknessG8/T6672-200150±2μm5252515252
Lower layer PET protective film thicknessG8/T6672-200185±3μm8787888887
Total thickness of finished filmG8/T6672-2001±5%μm165178188200189
GlossGloss Meter@60°≥90/9190.192.89590.2
Visible light transmittanceG8/7258-2017-11.5.7≥80/
UV blockingLS182 detector>90/97.396.998.297.394
QUV aging resistance 1000hASTM G154-16 Cycle 1△E*ab<2/0.22/0.220.14/
HydrophilicMarker stroke linehydrophobic/hydrophilic/hydrophobicHydrophilichydrophobicHydrophilicHydrophilic
Surface anti-penetration performance
MG-2110 marker pen,Wipe with alcohol after 10s
slight/no trace/slight tracelittle traceslight traceslight tracelittle trace
Thermal self-healing
Brass brush 10 times,50-70℃ hot water for 1 minute
100% self-healing/100% self-healing100% self-healing100% self-healing100% self-healing100% self-healing
Acrylic adhesive peel force / 20minGB/T2792>600gf/inch11851632156515051424
Acrylic adhesive peel force / 24hGB/T2792>1000gf/inch18012152208620061914
Tear strengthGB/T529≥40KN/m64.269.574.473.768.1
Coating elongation at breakGB/T1040.1>80%115121119114325
Tensile StrengthGB/T1040.1>15MPa22.429.524.224.228.2
PPF elongation at breakGB/T1040.1>200%342420.8369383.3436.5
100% modulusGB/T1040.1>6MPa8.
Note: Total thickness of finished film is the sum of TU thickness, coating and adhesive layer thickness.

Sample Cases
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Request A Call From A Specialist
Our experts are available to assist you in getting exactly what you need.
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